ALS Hearing Healthcare “New Dispenser” Training Class Program Educators


Alan L. Lowell BC-HIS, ACA

Comprehensive Hearing Instrument Sciences

Alan Lowell is the industry’s most recognized and trusted name for dispenser training in the Hearing Instrument Sciences. Over the past 38 years, Alan Lowell has helped to prepare more than 5,500 students for national competency and licensing exams. He has mentored thousands of Hearing Healthcare professionals to begin a rewarding and lucrative career in the Hearing Instrument Sciences.

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Luis M. Valdes, MD, BC-HIS
Disorders of the Ear; Surgical Procedures; Cerumen Management

Luis M. Valdes BC-HIS, MD*, received his medical training from the University of Havana Superior Institute of Medical Science and did his surgical residency in Pinar del Rio, Cuba. Dr. Valdes practiced as an Otorhinolaryngologist until relocating to Miami, Florida in 1995. *Dr. Valdes’ medical degree is not recognized in the United States and practices as a Nationally Board Certified Hearing Instrument Specialist (BC-HIS) in Naples, Florida. Dr. Valdes received his Board Certification in 1997 from the National Board for Certification in the Hearing Instrument Sciences (NBC-HIS). Dr. Valdes lectures and conducts training classes in Cerumen Management (ear wax removal) throughout the United States.


John D. Moore, BC-HIS
Special Testing; Tympanometry; Real Ear Measurements; Live Speech Mapping; Circuitry; Programming, General Hearing Instrument Sciences

Licensed in 1992, over the past 10 years John D. Moore has been recognized as a leader in the dispensing field. Moore has expertise in numerous areas of the dispensing field and is currently one of Florida’s foremost experts on Medical Errors which he teaches throughout the state.


John Hoglund BC-HIS, ACA
Psychology of the Hearing Impaired; Changing Behaviors & Aural Rehabilitation

John Hoglund is considered to be one of the most recognized and skilled dispensers and educators in the field today. Through consumer education and behavior modification he has personally trained countless numbers of dispensers to reach and exceed their professional and income potential. John Hoglund is a member of the International Hearing Society, Florida Society of Hearing Healthcare Professionals and is both Nationally Board Certified and a member of the American Conference of Audioprosthology.


Leanne E. Polhill, BC-HIS
Open Fittings; Technology Features, Follow-up Patient Management

Leanne E. Polhill, BC-HIS, is an expert in the field of Hearing Instrument Sciences. A graduate of Stetson University in 1988, she received her National Board Certification in the Hearing Instrument Sciences in 1992. Leanne Polhill has served on multiple executive professional Boards of Directors. Leanne is a member and/or certified by the National Board for Certification in the Hearing Instrument Sciences, the International Hearing Society, and the Florida Society of Hearing Healthcare Professionals. Leanne is the current Chair of the Florida Licensing Board of Hearing Aid Specialists.